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Debra Napier

Clay County Emergency Management is fortunate to have the volunteer staff we have. One in particular is Debra Napier! Deb has been a member of Clay County, Clay County, Missouri Sheriff and the Clay County Emergency Management Team for 40 years. We cannot express our thanks enough for her to share her knowledge and experience in volunteering for our county.

#BePrepared #HaveAPlan #EmergencyManagement

Clay County MO Emergency Management

"Wow, what can be say about Debra, she actually started in Emergency Management back in 1981 when it was still called “Civil Defense”, from then until 2013 Debra worked in the 911 Communication Unit and Emergency management.  She became a supervisor in approximately 1986 and worked in that position until retirement.  She enjoyed attending the SEMA Conference throughout the years as the networking with other Civil Defense/ Emergency Management across the state, created friendships that have lasted through the years. After retirement she was honored to be asked by Sheriff Akin to stay connected as a volunteer."  

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